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EST. 1920

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Court Use

Court Availability


There is no formal court booking system but members should use the club calendar to check court availability. League matches and coaching sessions take priority over social matches, but with 3 hard courts available, there should always be courts available for social or casual tennis.





All three courts at the club are floodlit and are available for use by all full members.


The floodlights operate on a token system:

  • One token costs £2 and will light one court for 30 minutes. Tokens are available from various committee members.

  • Tokens need to be inserted into the machine in the clubhouse.

  • If the floodlights go off, it will take about 15 minutes for them to come back on again (if more tokens are inserted).

  • A small blue light fixed on selected floodlight pillars will flash when there is 5 minutes left (so a cue to insert more tokens).

  • When floodlights go out, the two lamps nearest to the clubhouse remain on for 5 minutes to enable a safe exit from the courts.


Floodlights cannot be used after 9pm and will automatically switch off at this time.