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Code of Conduct

Pentyrch Lawn Tennis Club Code of Conduct


We receive very few comments regarding bad behaviour or misconduct, and generally, the manner in which games and matches are played is excellent. However we believe a few notes may help those who are either new to the game or who may have forgotten. When participating in competitive tennis, be it in the South Wales leagues or the internal box leagues at the club, players should abide by the following guidelines.


Prior to match day:


  • It's a good idea to confirm the match a day before.

  • Postponement is not an option – unless the weather is appalling of course. Rearrangement of dates may be made immediately after the initial fixture meeting but after that the agreed dates should be honoured.


Before the match starts:


  • The knock up should be an opportunity to warm up before play starts and not a chance to beat seven bells out of the person on the other side of the net!      There should be the opportunity for each player to have a go at a variety of shots as wished.

  • Please ensure that suitable tennis clothing and shoes are worn so that no offence is given or damage is caused to the court.

  • A prompt start is often essential, especially in matches.


During the match:


  • Play should be continuous and played to the timing of the server. If someone has to leave the court then opponents should be told the reason and should  return as quickly as possible.

  • Please help your partners and opponents by ensuring the balls are with the server before each point and loose balls should be cleared from the court.

  • If a ball rolls across the court, or something blows on to the court a “let” should be called immediately and not at the end of the rally.

  • Players call a ball out only on their side of the net. If they cannot agree it’s in or out it’s in. If you are concerned regarding the call then query it, but ultimately the call is with the players on the side of the net the ball lands. Occasionally you may agree to play a point again.

  • A ball that just clips the outside of the line is “in”.

  • A player, standing outside the court and catches a ball before it bounces forfeits the point.

  • If players lose the score they should talk through the points and start play again at the point where they agree the score.

  • Even if foot faults worry you they cannot be called from the other side of the net!

  • Personal comments should be avoided at all times as they may be interpreted as gamesmanship or intimidation.

  • Shaking hands at the end of the match is compulsory – it confirms the match is over and the score should then be agreed.


After the match:


  • It is hoped that refreshments will always be offered to the opponents – sometimes at the club and sometimes elsewhere. If you know in advance that you will be unable to stay after the match please let the opponents know.


If you are at all concerned about the behaviour of anyone during a match, either on the court or from the sideline please report this to your captain or a committee member. It is the responsibility of the club to ensure good conduct at all times.